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Be the growth your business needs.

Success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy.

We are a team of mindset experts, succes coaches, network marketing masters, and Young Living leaders that have come together to help you create sustainable success and a positive relationship with your business.

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20 mins per day at your own pace

Access classes anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Personalized Journey

With an extensive library of educational content and educators, get involved with the coaches to personalize your success.

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With a membership in Essential Mindset you have full access to a library of short video classes that will guide you through self transformation. The topics range from mindset development, network marketing, self branding, to goal setting mastery.

"Connections and Networking" Course

Network in a way that fosters connection. Meaningful connections are so important in your business.

"ABC's of Goals" Course

Learn how to make goals and set them in a way that ensures success.

"Become What You Dream" Course

Shift your mindset to abundance and gratitude in a way that aligns with your dreams.

"Virtual Team Management" Course

Improve your ability to manage a virtual team effectively.

"Leadership of Your Life" Course

Become a leader of your own life and then transfer that into leadership of your team.

"Digital Personal Branding" Course

Personal branding in a rapidly increasing digital world is key to grow your Young Living business.

Essential Mindset Founders

We combine the methods of top performers, leaders in essential oils, with that of some of the world’s foremost thought leaders, who share their formula for abundance with you.Our proven online education platform enhances your understanding of attracting abundance and freedom in your life.