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We support you in achieving the same results our successful leaders have by sharing their formula for success with you. Our individualized Artificial Intelligence technology facilitates easy learning and enhances your success by increasing retention and comprehension.




Our vision is freedom for you and every Young Living Member who seeks it, made possible through the user-friendly application of our mindset, education, and mentoring tools proven to elevate success for you and your team.




Carol Howden - Co-Founder. Essential Mindset

Carol Howden is a fully certified CARE Instructor (FCCI), a board-certified raindrop specialist (BCRS), a licensed spiritual healer (LSH), a Royal Crown Diamond (RCD) in Young Living, a pain management specialist, a Proctor Gallagher top consultant, and an inner circle silver pin holder with PGI, based in Alberta, Canada. Her background includes twenty plus years experience in the healing arts industry. She is an internationally renowned speaker and healing arts facilitator, teaching worldwide and hosting life transforming retreats.

Carol is also co-author of an educational cook book, Ancient Wisdom in Modern Menu.

She is a dedicated wife, mother of three and grandmother of ten.

Carol continues to teach and educate with her husband, Ben Howden. Their goal is to uplift others into a better quality of life.


Annette Draper - Co-Founder. Essential Mindset

As a personal and professional development coach, TV and radio personality, and global thought leader, Annette Draper leaves everyone she touches with impressions of increase.

Annette has a phenomenal track record in business. She is Co-founder of Club NW, one of the top multi-purpose health clubs in the US, a multi-million dollar wellness facility. With a heart to serve and a desire to help people, her new mission is mentoring professionals and business owners. In 2019, she joined the Proctor Gallagher Institute and quickly rose up the ranks to become one of the organization’s top global consultants, reaching the prestigious Inner Circle at record speed and receiving her Silver Pin for excellence.


Andrés F. Arango  - Co-Founder. Essential Mindset

As a high performance mentor specialized in mindset and paradigm shifting, Andrés has the ability to elevate the inner awareness required to create massive success for individuals and their companies, enabling them to accomplish outstanding and permanent results.

He is top global mentor certified by Bob Proctor and an inner circle silver pin holder.

Gallagher Institute | Entrepreneur


Guillermo Cusnaider - Co-Founder. Essential Mindset

Passionate about building bridges between specialized knowledge and those who want to apply it, Guillermo has dedicated more than 15 years to building executive training centers with cutting-edge technology platforms for continuing education.

He is a co-founder of three corporate academies and a global business school that includes world class faculty and world wide executive leaders.

Guillermo is the current leader of executive education projects alongside leaders such as former presidents, ministers, astronauts and former executives of Disney and other leading companies.