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Over 200 modules within the DIGITAL MINDSET MENTOR.

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"ABC's of Goals"


Knowing what you really want is going to be essential to your success in a Young Living business. Learn how to set your personal and professional goals and break them down by priority into actionable steps.
(Andrés Arango - Success and Life Coach)

"Become What You Dream"

This course teaches you to dream big and understand the power of your imagination. Shift you mindset into a state of gratitude in a way that aligns with what you want. Learn how to use your mind to overcome and manifest.
(Annette Draper - Mindset and Gratitude Mentor)

"Connections and Networking"

Grow your Young Living business by creating authentic relationships. Develop a road map for meeting people in a way that allows for connection and relationships in personal and professional life. Understanding the science behind human connections.
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(Cecilia Kindelán - PhD, Networking)

"Digital Personal Branding"

Develop an impactful and authentic personal brand profile.Personal branding in a rapidly increasing digital world is key to grow your Young Living business. This course will help you to build your branding, the importance of creating a personal brand, perform in an authentic way, and optimize success on all digital platforms.
(Lisa Clancy - CEO, Marketing Consulting)

"Leadership of Your Life"

Become a leader of your own life and turn that into leadership of your team. Learn more about yourself through the ‘brain science’ that determines behaviour and decision making. Gain actionable tools to enable you to become self-aware, transform and lead positive change in life and at work.
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(Sandeep Gupta - Neuroscience and Mindfulness)

"Conscious Selling in your Young Living Business"

Learn to listen in a ‘certain’ way, easily engaging with prospects, to find their ‘worries and wants’. This will make it easy for you to overcome all objections and easily provide the best solutions. Develop a strong personal profile and authority in social media that will reach qualified prospects and convert them into sales.
Download PDF > (Fernanda Nascimiento - Social Seller Expert by Linkedin)

"Virtual Team Management"

Improve your ability to manage a virtual team effectively. Examine the challenges that come with remote work and explore strategies to enhance your ability to lead your team and position them, and you, for success!
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(Michael Howes - PhD, Virtual Communications)


"How to think in Business Mode"

 Learn the skills and behaviours that make successful entrepreneurs.Discover more about yourself, your own reflexes and behaviours, and how to apply them in a way that is reflective of your business goals, and balances well with your personal life. 

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(Lahcen Haddad - PhD, Entrepreneurship)