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Andrés Arango - Prosperity Mindset Mentor and Investor (Colombia)

"ABC's of Goals"

- Learn how to set your Personal & Professional Goals 
- Understand the ABC of Goals
- The Power of Writing Your Goal, Carrying it With You, and Reading it multiples times a Day
- The difference of Setting & Achieving your Goal

Annette Draper - Global Thought Leader and Success Coach (USA)

"Become What You Dream"

- Learn to Dream Bigger- You are designed for Greatness!
- Understand the power of your Imagination
- Gratitude is a state of mind- And a way of Being!
- Learn to be a powerful Manifestor! You can be, do or have anything you can see in your marvelous mind. 



Cecilia Kindelan - PhD, Director MBA IESE (Spain)

"Professional Networking"

- Learn about the mindset required for success in 21st century business
- Understand how networks are constructed and how value is added
- Learn how to leverage your relationships (offline and online)
- Understand how empathy is the key in networking

Lisa Clancy - CEO Founder Clansult Ltd. (Ireland)

"Digital Personal Branding"

- Develop an impactful and authentic personal brand profile
- Develop an effective online presence
- Enhance networking and personal presence skills
- Build personal marketing skills to become an impactful leader

Sandeep Gupta - Neuroscience and Mindfulness (India)

"Neuro Leadership"

-How to apply this new knowledge to manage your life, your team, and your organization in a more effective, efficient, productive and profitable way.

Fernanda Nascimiento - Social Seller Expert by Linkedin (Brazil)

"Conscious Selling"

Create customer centric strategies
Develop a strong personal profile and authority in social media
Reach qualified prospects and convert them into sales.

Michael Howes - PhD, CEO of Fulbright (Canada)

"How to Manage Remotely"

Understanding New Realities as New Opportunities
- Build a highly effective team working in a remote environment.
- Create efficiencies in the workplace and grow your business.



Lanhed Haddad PhD, Former Minister of Tourism (Morroco)

"Entrepreneurship Mindset"

- Understand the basic skills of a successful entrepreneur
- Enhance identified behaviors of success to achieve your goals
- Use these skills and behaviors to develop a business plan or increase a specific project’s success.